Community Engagement Service

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Passionate One-on-One Support

Days and times vary depending on your availability!

This program is contracted through DDA and must be approved by your case manager prior to program start. For more information regarding this program, please contact our Program Support Manager at or contact your case manager.

MHC has two programs that offer one-on-one support to members with a variety of goals, needs, interests and passions: Recreation Mentoring or Community Engagement. Program selection and placement is based off of availability and overall need. Community Engagement basics:

  • A DDA funded program that pairs a MHC Community Engagement provider with a member in order to introduce community resources and create lasting relationships. Funding is either through IFS or Basic Plus Waiver.
  • The member will meet with their case manager and MHC Community Engagement provider to develop goals and strategies to connect them to community resources.
  • The community partnerships developed will help the member to learn skills that will facilitate their integration into the community.
  • Intended to be a short-term service where the provider helps to build recreational partnerships and then fades away as relationships are built.

Examples of goals may be to:

  • Connect with a pickleball community and join their league.
  • Create an open-mic event at a local record store to bring in business and get the word out about upcoming shows.
  • Volunteer with the public library by distributing books to “tiny libraries” in businesses in the community.

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