Specialized Outreach Service


Individualized care and support


Our Specialized Outreach efforts have been formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the diverse array of needs that this situation has introduced to our community. In order to sustain feelings of connectedness amongst the MHC community, our staff are conducting needs assessments that will identify members who would like access to:

  •  Regularly scheduled phone calls from staff to increase socialization, check in, and assess any potential needs or challenges
  • Participation in a Penpal Program (either writing or receiving letters, or both)
  • Care packages delivered to their home, including PPE such as gloves and masks
  • Any other individual needs

If you would like to participate in any of these Specialized Outreach activities or have any questions, please contact our Program Director and ADA Coordinator Alyssa Jones, at alyssa@maxhigbeecenter.org or by calling 360-389-6669 | 711 (TTY/WA Relay).

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