Recreation Mentor Service


Days and times vary depending on your availability!

MHC has two programs that offer one-on-one support to members with a variety of goals, needs, interests and passions. Program selection and placement is based off of availability and overall need.

Recreation Mentor basics:
Flexible Scheduling

The Recreation Mentor Project pairs up a MHC member with a Recreation Leader to receive one-on-one support to create an individualized, goal-oriented and community-based recreation experience. This service is highly flexible and allows for people to schedule sessions that are tailored and designed based on short-term and long-term goals. It is a great opportunity for people to participate in a quieter, individualized recreation setting, explore new activities, and receive individualized support for growth and increased independence.

Some examples of goals that one could set for this program include: improved fitness, learning about new activities or life skills such as cooking, outdoor exploration, increased community engagement and socialization opportunities, channeling creativity, and more!


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